Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Mother of Pearl jewelry, also known as nacre, is the lining seen on the inside of the shells of some mollusks. It is a white to pinkish iridescent layer that the inhabitant finds easy to glide on top of. Oysters are a major source of Mother of Pearl for the purposes of jewelry.

Mother of Pearls jewelry goes in and out of fashion over the decades, but is very closely associated with great-grandmothers and the 1920’s It tends to be jewelry that older women prefer. This might be because younger women are unaware of it and its ghostly luster.

Pearls are created from the same substance that makes up Mother of Pearl, but Mother of Pearl is easier to garner and is therefore cheaper. However, when it is presented correctly by an expert, it is a wondrous sight. Real Mother of Pearl seems to have depth.

Being pearl in color, Mother of Pearl jewelry matches very well with silver. In fact, it matches better with silver than with gold, the two most preferred metals used in jewelry throughout the ages. This offsets the price of the Mother of Pearl, making it truly rather affordable.

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Mother of Pearl jewelry is very soft and so easily scratched. On the Mohs scale of hardness it is about 3.5. Window glass is 5 and diamonds 10. Therefore, a craftsman working with nacre has to be very cautious. This softness makes it simple to cut, but easy to damage too.

Natural Mother of Pearl Jewelry

If you like natural Mother of Pearl jewelry, you will be limited to white and pinks to brown. However, nacre is easily dyed so you will find it in practically any and every color. Not everybody wants it in non-natural colors though.

Mother of Pearl Sets

If you are buying nacre in a setting, the thing to look out for is the bond between the Mother of Pearl jewelry and the metal. Is there a visible gap between the two? If so, there is a pretty good likelihood that the nacre will come loose and fall out over time. If you are sure that you are looking at real nacre, this is the number one problem of bad workmanship.

How to Distinguish Fake and Real

However, there is also the difficulty of fake nacre. It is not uncommon, however if you compare real nacre and fake nacre, the fake will stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, it is worth borrowing some genuine nacre to take with you if you are in the market for it.

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Nacre is so soft it takes some looking after. Nacre should not be allowed to come into contact with any other objects because most things are harder than it. It will easily scratch, chip and flake, so wrap it separately whilst you are not wearing it.

If you have an expensive piece, you should have it cleaned professionally as there are no cleaners that you can buy that will not be harmful if applied incorrectly. It is better to pay a little more than harm a lovely item of Mother of Pearl jewelry

Gift Ideas

Most women in their fifties and up consider mother of pearl sets as great gifts since pearls symbolize elegance and class. These women are highly respected and looked up on society and giving them jewelry sets made of pearls will highlight their finesse and show their wisdom to the society. You can find many pieces of different varieties and designs to suit every woman’s personality especially the elderlies. They will look classy and timeless wearing those elegant accents that will complement every dress they wear.

The Making of True Pearls

The mechanism of making of pearls starts from the soil collected by the mollusks inside their shells. Mollusks are sea creatures that belong to the soft and hard shell family. They are often called ‘clams’. These clams emit a fluid that coats the dirt and over time the fluid hardens along with the soil trapped. The fluid is called ‘mother-of-pearl’ because this is the very substance that makes the real pearls. As the fluid thickens and hardens, it will create a bulge and eventually it will become the precious pearl that is also considered a valuable jewel.

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Because this natural process of making a true pearl will take years to form, man has studied ways in meeting the demands for real pearls in shortest possible time. The result of the high demand created the industry of farmed freshwater and saltwater pearls.

The creation of the pearls will still involve the clams and oysters to coat the dirt particle but this time, there will be a human intervention. A seed is put into each clam or oyster and the whole process of growing it into pearls will take one year.

True Pink Pearls

Pink mother of pearl jewelry is a popular choice in women’s jewelry. Usually, true and genuine pearls have white pigmentation but some pearls are made pink.

Pink pearls happen because the pigmentation of oysters and mussels in pearl farms due to water conditions has resulted in a slightly colored pearl. Luckily, the color is pale pinkish which also has become a huge hit among pearl lovers.

More and more pearl farms w ventured in the industry that the demands have been constantly met. Aside from farming pearls, man is still developing new ways to improve the quality and variety of the pearls they produce. Thus, the supply of pearls can now be afforded by women of all statuses in the society.

True Black Pearls

Black mother of Pearl jewelry are a fantastic jewelry selection. These pieces are for a discriminating palate; these who see outside the box. Black pearls are available in unique hues, sizes and shapes as other pearls do, but seem to present a specified aura as they are worn. Several of the colors that this attractive pearl are available in are, black Tahitian, dyed-black, silver-black, and the preferred black mother of pearl ring.

gorgeous black mother of pearl jewelry

These rings bring their own statement, and to the wearer it says that they’ve arrived in style. Black pearl rings also exude class, sass, and pizazz! They come in several different settings for example gold, silver, gold and silver over-tones collectively, and bronze. The black pearl is usually set on the sides or in the middle of the ring itself. Either way presents a spectacular display.

Mother of pearl jewelry wholesale has for time now been a preserve of china. China has worldwide fashion jewelry retailers, distributors and suppliers in all corners of the world. This has been primarily so given the extensive production of mother of peals jewelry in China. China has invested greatly in this sector resulting to massive production hence their supply of the same. This is again backed by the quality of china’s mother of pills jewelry making them the worlds most demanded hence their control in production and distribution of the same worldwide.

You can search online or go to the nearest jewelry shops to find the best crafted jewelry to give to your loved one or to yourself as a reward for all your hard work. Investing in true pearls is also a great investment since pearls are valuable jewels that can gain higher value of the course of time.